The Preserve at Woodland Memorial Park..... Green Natural Burial

Turning to the rich history of the rural cemeteries of the 19th century, the architects of Woodland Memorial Park have preserved the historic elements of a time when cemeteries became, not only places of mourning but also places for those wanting to experience the peacefulness and serenity of a beautiful park.

What is Green / Natural Burial?

Green Burial, also referred to as natural burial, is an alternative to conventional interment. It allows you or your loved one to return to the earth naturally. With Green Burial, the body is prepared without the use of toxic embalming chemicals. The body is then interred or buried in a natural setting using materials that are biodegradable and have minimal impact on the environment.

The body is buried in a "Green" burial container, which comes in a variety of materials. However, burial containers (shroud, urn or casket) that may be used must be comprised of natural, plant-based, earthen materials such as bamboo, pine or willow. The containers do not contain chemicals and are fully biodegradable. The use of concrete liners is not permissible for Green Burial. Our Green Burial packages provide everything necessary for a graveside burial.

Green Burial helps to preserve the land in its most natural state. It promotes land preservation and habitat restoration. Woodland Memorial Park Cemetery is a hybrid burial ground with "one leaf" rating certification and meets the guidelines for Green Burial set by the Green Burial Council. Call us at (918) 245-4142 and speak with one of our experienced staff members so we can help you arrive at the perfect decision for you, and your family.

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